I Resolve To….

Hey, Trenchers! Happy New Years Eve! Any fun plans tonight to ring in the new year? I plan on staying home and falling asleep this year and not waking up until next year. Let’s hope my little monsters agree with me on that. With the new year comes great…resolutions! On top of the ones I’m sure you already have, I’m throwing two more at you.

1. Read more.

2. Write more.


Whoa, Thor! No need to go all crazy on me. Just send your brother down and I’ll gladly do whatever he wants. WHATEVER he wants. Is it a little hot in here? Back to our resolutions.
(Does it bother anyone else that the pic is totally the wrong one for the quote?)

1. Read more books outside of your normal genre or category. You’ll never know what hidden gems are out there until you’ve looked.

2. Write more without that little devil on your shoulder telling you that you’re not good enough. We all have that pesky little bugger that makes us doubt ourselves. Lock him up with a cheesecake so you can write in peace once in a while.

3. Geek out more. Don’t be afraid to show your love for the things you love. Stop trying to fit into a mold that you think you need to be in. Be you and love yourself for it.

4. Give out more compliments. Have you ever had a crappy day then out of nowhere someone tells you that they like your shoes? Or purse? Or your glasses? Anything? Didn’t it make you feel 10x better? Be that person! Go out of your way to give someone a compliment. They’ll either think you’re crazy (in that case just ignore them, you’ll still get good karma points for the effort) or you’ll totally make their day.

5. Love yourself more. Stop obsessing over that extra few pounds that won’t go away. Stop comparing yourself to the neighbor a few houses down. Give yourself permission to be you and be proud of it!
“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” -Dr. Seuss

And a quote from another doctor for my inner geek….

“Do you know, in nine hundred years of time and space I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.” -The Doctor

Good enough for you, Thor? What resolutions have you made or are you planning on making? Whatever they are, make sure that they’re for you and that they’re going to make you happy.


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