10 Writerly Hashtags


Yeah, but that’s not all. Do you know what a hashtag is? That’s the important part. Most commonly found on Twitter, a hashtag comes with a few rules (do not separate the words in your tag, do not hashtag symbols, you don’t need to have your #hashtag#running#together#like#this, etc). They make your content not only searchable, but findable as well.

I’ve used hashtags for everything. I managed to find discounted tickets to my favorite band’s sold out concert by lurking the #XAmbassadorsAtTheTroubador tag earlier this year. It’s effective and for sure puts your name out there.

Without further adieu, here are 10 important hashtags to boost your writing connections:

1. – 3. #amwriting, #amreading, #amrevising (#amANYTHING actually)

That’s cheating, I know, whatever. But this is my game and I make the rules, so. (Can you tell what kind of kid I was?) Some say, debatably that the “am” part of that tag stands for A.M. as in MORNING. I disagree. I think it’s essentially saying AM CURRENTLY DOING A THING THAT MAY BE WRITING, READING, REVISING, ETC. Try searching that tag on Twitter. I promise it will be fruitful.

4. #1LineWed

One-Line-Wednesday is pretty  much what it sounds like—you share one line from your writing on Wednesday. This is actually a good way to get people talking about their work. If you search the tag, you might even find some fun people to talk about it with.

5. #MondayBlogsMonday Blogs

Blog posts, according to the crowd consensus, are typically shared on Mondays, so that they can be promoted, generally, all at once. The vast majority of bloggers promote on Mondays. Publish your blog on Monday and then when you share the link on Twitter, tag it with #MondayBlogs. TC&Q blogs get posted on—

6. #WriterWednesdays

writer wednesdaysWe share our blogs on Wednesdays, primarily to give you a little kick in the pants during your mid-week hump slump. (I just grossed myself out with that one). #WriterWednesdays also function as a sort of #FollowFriday type deal. Only in this version—yeah, you guessed it, it’s writers being promo’d, not just random instal-follow-back Justin Bieber fans).

7. #WriteClub

This is a tag started by the beauties behind @FriNightWrites. Typically, when writers are sprinting, they’ll share a line and their word counts and tag it with #WriteClub. This helps the account’s stats guy keep track of how many words you’ve written and how many the writer hive has written altogether as well.NaNoWriMo

8. #NaNoWriMo

Often abbreviated as “NaNo,” #NaNoWriMo is the official hashtag of the national event. Check out their website if you’re unfamiliar. National Novel Writing Month is a great way to meet friends (this was actually the gateway for me—I fell into the TWC by hashtagging NaNoWriMo. Someone found me there, followed me, and the rest was history).

9. #TWC

Unfamiliar with that tag I used above? #TWC stands for Twitter. Writing. Community. Welcome to the hive, kid.


This is a writing sprint term. Typically writing sprints go for :30 minutes. Sometimes writers push that goal and attempt to write a thousand words (1k) in one hour’s time (1hour).

Now, GO FORTH AND BE MERRY AND JUNK! HAPPY HOLIDAYS from these girls under the trenches!



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