10 Sites for Writers

10 Sitesfor Writers

Last week Candice discussed some common terms used in the writing world. (You can check out that post here. I’ll wait.) Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of CP, query, and other common terms, let’s check out some sites you’ll be seeing those on, as well as some sites to help you out with other writerly things. And they’re all free!

1. NaNoWriMo.org

crest_square-1902dc8c2829c4d58f4cd667a59f9259One of the first sites geared towards writers that I visited. A site many authors return to in November. NaNoWriMo stands for “National Novel Writing Month”. Here, many authors gather together and work towards one goal: finishing a rough draft of a new novel, approximately 50,000 words. You sign up and have your own profile to keep track of your word count. You can earn badges for participating and hitting milestones. You can find plenty of inspiring words to keep you going as well as other crazies in your area who are working towards the same goal as you. Many regions will even set times and dates to get together and do writing sprints.

2. AbsoluteWrite.com

Absolute Write offers writing classes, resources for finding agents, conferences, and other things. What really makes AW rock though, is the forum, a.k.a. “the Water Cooler”. You can meet writers from around the world. It’s broken down into different sections so if you’re looking for fellow YA writers, you can find them. Have a question about publishing? There’s an area for that too. There’s even a whole area dedicated to pop culture if you need a quick break from writing. Need to find an ah-may-zing CP? You guessed it, AW has you covered. Hey, if I did it, you can!

3. WordHippo.com

logo-400x336Ever realize you’re using the same word over and over and you want something else, but similar? Thesaurus. Want to say something in another language? Google translator. Not sure how to pronounce a word? Dictionary. Hate having to change sites for every little thing word related? WordHippo.com. It’s a dictionary, thesaurus, translator, rhymer, sentence giver, and more, all in one. Plus, they have the cutest pink hippo! This is one site to have up while you’re writing.

4. YAMisfits.com

YAMisfitsCoatofArms_smThis young adult geared blog is reminiscent of a yearbook. Learn about these misfits as they travel through the world of publishing and drop their tips and tricks along the way, as well as interviews, book reviews, and other fun additions.

5. NAAlley.com

NAA_Website_v5This informative blog was started by 6 new adult-writing ladies back when NA wasn’t even really NA yet. It became the go-to place for all things NA related. Books, agents, publishers. You could find who was supporting NA there. Fast forward a few years, the blog has now grown to 40-ish members (including yours truly!) to bring you the best of the NA world. *If you email NA Alley, chances are you’ll be dealing with me. 😉

6. DailyDahlia.wordpress.com

Aside from being a fun follow on Twitter, Dahlia also runs quite a fun blog. She has author spotlights, a large recommendation of books (all of which she has actually read), and a fantastic list of resources for querying. Did I mention she’s also a published YA and NA author? She was also sweet enough to help Candice and I with some sites to include for this post. Thanks, Dahlia! 🙂

7. Publishing-Hub.com

A.k.a. The Pub Hub consists of 10 authors, agents, and editors. They talk about books, publishing, and encourage writers to ask questions. An especially cool feature is their beta community. If you’ve written a book, you know how finding betas can be a bit of a pain. The betas list the genres they prefer reading so you can pick who would be your best fit.

8. Pinterest.com

pinterestI’m sure you’ve heard of this one, if not, where have you been? While Pinterest is a great site for DIY projects, it’s also invaluable as a place for writers to store all their inspiration. Cute LIs, quirky outfits, a picture of the place in Brazil where your MCs met, you can find it all here and keep it all under one board to stay organized. Looking for inspiration of what to write next? Ring-ding-ding! Pinterest again! You can follow TC&Q here.

9. BabyNames.com

This is one of my favorite sites to go to for naming my characters. You can find boy names, girl names, celebrity names, pet names, names by orgin, and a random renamer.

10. TrenchCoatsQuotes.wordpress.com

Of course I had to include us! I know we don’t have a whole lot on here right now, but we’ve got some fun things coming up that we’re super excited about! Such as video interviews, more top lists, a detailed glossary of writing terms, and more!


*Don’t forget, TC&Q is looking for authors, editors, cover artists, publishers, and graphic designers to interview. If you know someone you’d like us to feature, or you yourself would like to volunteer, fill out the form here.

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